Why MS Dhoni Refuses To Wear The Indian Flag On His Helmet


As fans of cricket, we have all seen many Indian batsmen removing their helmets, kissing them, after scoring a century in a match. However, have you ever noticed that these helmets have The Indian Flag emblazoned on them?

You probably have noticed this trend, as a true cricket fan because almost every Indian cricketer has the Indian Flag on their helmet. All the great cricketers, past and present, had the flag on their helmets; Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj etc..

All of them have the Indian Flag on their helmets except the most successful Indian skipper MS Dhoni.

But before we get to the nitty gritty of why MS Dhoni refuses to have the Indian flag on his helmet, let’s talk about who started the trend of wearing Tiranga on Helmet.

It is a fact that even though the Indian players play for BCCI, they, nevertheless, represent India at the international level which is why the urge to wear the Indian Flag is so strong in the players.

With regards to who started this trend, it is none other than the legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

Yes, it was Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who started the trend of Indian players wearing the Indian flag on their helmet to the BCCI.

When such use of Tiranga was already surrounded by controversy, the Master Blaster stepped forward and took approval from the court of law to use the Tricolour on their helmet.

Sachin’s heart-warming gesture to the Indian Flag

If you have been watching cricket in the last two decades, then most likely you would have seen the sight of “God of cricket” kissing his helmet after scoring a century. Very touching moment, right?

Sachin used to do it every time out of the respect he has for the nation, the gesture of kissing the Indian flag just signified how all his efforts were just for one purpose and that is to make his Country proud.

The use of Tiranga on their helmet clearly shows a big sign of respect from the Indian players to our nation. The players wear the Indian flag on their helmet as a crown and are proud to wear it in every match.

Most of the Indian players followed Sachin and carried this trend by wearing the Indian flag on their helmet, as shown in the picture below:

In the case of MS Dhoni, it’s not that MSD doesn’t respect the nation or the flag that makes him refuse to wear the Indian flag. On the contrary, it is because he loves it and respects it too much. He is justified with his reason and you will get to know why…Read on to learn his reason.

Even MSD used to wear the same helmet until 2011 World cup but he decided otherwise later on.

However, the question is, why on earth would MS Dhoni refuse to even have the India Flag on his helmet. Here is why:

Why MS Dhoni Refuses To wear The Indian Flag on his helmet

Yes, finally we will get to know the reason behind MS Dhoni’s choice of not putting the Indian Flag on his helmet. Well, as we all know MSD is the wicketkeeper of the Indian team and as a wicketkeeper, he often needs to remove his helmet for spin and seam overs.

Being a wicketkeeper and previously the skipper as well, he couldn’t afford to call someone for exchanging helmets every time. This will waste time and may also end up in levying slow over rate charges on his team.

To prevent this from happening, Dhoni used to keep his helmet someplace back in the distance when he doesn’t wear it. The National Flag, being such a major honor of respect for every Indian, doesn’t deserve to be kept on the ground.

There is even a National law that prohibits that from happening. Nothing which contains Indian flag should be on the ground.

As per,


(Amended by the Prevention of Insults to National Honour (Amendment) Act, 2003)

which says,

Explanation 4. – The disrespect to the Indian National Flag means and includes-

“(i) allowing the Indian National Flag to touch the ground or the floor or trail in water intentionally; or”

Hence, the interpretation of this law means that either you don’t put the helmet with the Indian Flag on the ground or you don’t put the Indian Flag on the helmet at all.

Therefore, in order to avoid keeping the flag of our mother India on the ground, MS Dhoni chose not to wear it at all on his helmet.

No doubt, MS Dhoni is a true patriotic Indian who has earned our love and respect even more.

Moreover, after being honored by the Indian Territorial Army with the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel on 1 November 2011, Dhoni has become more aware of this and has permanently avoided attaching the Indian flag to his helmet.

This act of MSD is another great example of how deeply he respects his country. We all are proud of Dhoni and he undeniably is the greatest role model for every Indian citizen to emulate.





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